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I am Shirley Schwarz from the Black Hills of South Dakota.

It is my mission to help folks realize the importance of blogging. We all want traffic to our websites and the search engines love blogs. Blogs should have content relating to what our business has to offer and how it can benefit our target audience.

Blogging is important to your business because a good blog with quality information and the right keywords, will drive traffic to your web site. When you provide a link to your main web site, a blog can drive traffic to it. And traffic is what you want.

There really isn’t a better way to advertise on the Internet then by building a blog, because it is free. When the blog has great content and keywords it drives free traffic to it. A blog can become your company’s best source of free advertising.

To further expand on that, a video embedded in the blog is a key factor in getting your audience to get to know, like and trust you. When you are trusted, the visitor will buy from you. Sales will come because you are trusted and the video will be the avenue through which this comes.

When looking for the correct tools to help in the journey, you will want to explore the link listed below.


Have a wonderful, successful journey.

Shirley Schwarz
skype: twirlylou
phone: 605 641 0432

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